Moving around KKH

Welcome to KKH! To help patients who have difficulty in walking move around, we’ve placed wheelchairs at strategic alighting points to help them move to the outpatient clinics. You’ll find them at the lift lobbies on Basement 2, near the taxi stand on Basement 1, and near the driveway on Level 1.

  • Signages in pink indicate women’s facilities in the hospital
  • Blue signages with animal motifs indicate children’s facilities within KKH

The women’s and children’s facilities are located in separate towers – Women’s Tower and Children’s Tower – and are served by different lifts. There is no through access between the towers except through Basement 1 (past the taxi stand) and Level 1 (KKH Mall and Admissions).

Breastfeeding facilities are available at the following locations:

  • Basement 1, Children's Tower, Children's Emergency
  • Level 1, Children's Tower, Children's Specialist Clinics 
  • Level 1, Children's Tower, Private Children's Clinic
  • Level 1, Women's Tower, Women's Specialist Clinics (near the Patient Service Counter)
  • Level 1, Women's Tower, Diagnostic Imaging

For Inpatient breastfeeding facilities, please click here.

Map and Directory

Please click here for a downloadable version.

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