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The KKHHF GIVE Campaign was started in 2013 to raise funds for needy patients and rally the community to raise $1.55million and more as part of KKH’s 155th Anniversary celebrations.

With the support of many GIVE donors including individuals, organizations, foundations, staff and grateful patients & families, the target was reached and it has since become an on-going GIVE campaign to raise funds and appreciate donors who identify with our cause.

Since then different groups of GIVE donors have supported KKHHF in a variety of ways and they all show their support with the GIVE badges, decals, drinkware, umbrellas, certificates and cheque presentations.

Our goal is to recognize a committed group of GIVE supporters who identify with the cause and dedicate themselves through philanthropy and volunteerism to support KKH's advancement and care for women and children in Singapore.

Give Hope and Save Lives today! Thank You!

We GIVE because every woman and child deserves good health

Inspired by United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights' that motherhood and childhood are entitled to special care and assistance, we encourage individuals and partners to GIVE because every woman and child deserves good health.

As KKH will be celebrating 160th Anniversary in 2018, we hope to partner:
  • GIVE Individuals to donate $16, $160 or $1,600
  • GIVE Partners to donate $1,600, $16,000, $60,000 or $160,000
  • Rain or Shine GIVE Monthly Donors to donate $6, $16 or $60 every month
  • GIVE Grateful Patients & Families to donate $16, $160 or $1,600 in recognition of doctors, nurses, allied health professionals and staff who have provided outstanding care and service at KKH

GIVE and make a difference in needy patients’ lives


All proceeds will go to the KKH Health Fund (KKHHF), to help needy patients at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH) and further education and research targeted at women's and children's health.

Thank you for partnering with us to improve the health of women and children today and for generations to come!

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