Heart problems in children are not rare. About eight in 1,000 children have heart conditions ranging from very mild defects, considered compatible with normal life, to severe, life- threatening conditions.

Our Cardiology Service is the main referral centre in Singapore providing comprehensive care for congenital and acquired heart conditions among patients ranging from newborn babies to young adults.

Cardiac Centre

The Cardiac Centre provides comprehensive care for congenital and acquired heart problems.

The center is the main paediatric cardiology referral centre in Singapore and performs an average of over 200 surgeries a year.

Range of Services:

  • Neonatal and paediatric cardiology
  • 2D echocardiogram, fetoechocardiogram, transesophageo-echocardiogram
  • Electrocardiogram, 24-hour ambulatory electrocardiogram, transtelephonic electrocardiogram
  • Exercise treadmill
  • Cardiac catheterisation - diagnostic and interventional

Our Experts

Name Designation Qualification
Adj Assoc Prof Tan Teng Hong Head & Senior Consultant MBBS, M Med (Paed)(Spore), MRCP (UK)(Paed), FRCPCH, GDipHML
Dr Cheng Heng Kock Emeritus Consultant MBBS, M Med (Paed), FRACP, FRCP Edin, FAMS
Dr Jonathan Choo Tze Liang Senior Consultant MBBS (S'pore), MRCPCH (UK), FRCPEdin, FAMS (Paed)
Dr Sreekanthan Sundaraghavan Senior Consultant MBBS (India), MBBS (India), Board Cert (Paed Cardiology) (Paediatrics, US)
Dr Zhang Zhewei Dyan Associate Consultant MBBS (Spore), M Med (Paed) (Spore)
Assoc Prof Ching Chi Keong Visiting Consultant MBBS, MRCP(UK), FAMS (Cardiology)
Assoc Prof Ho Kah Leng Visiting Consultant MBBS (NSW), MRCP(UK)
Dr Tan Ju Le Visiting Consultant MBBS, MRCP (UK), FAMS
Dr Chen Ching Kit Visiting Consultant MBBS, MRCPCH (UK), M Med (Paed)
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Cardiac Centre

Level 2, Children's Tower


Level 6, Children's Tower


  • +65 6294 4050 (Appointments)


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