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The KK Gynaecological Cancer Centre is a one-stop centre that provides for the needs of women with cervical, uterus and ovarian cancer, and other gynaecological conditions. The centre cares for the patient in a holistic manner, from screening to diagnosis, treatment, and helping patients cope with the illness emotionally. A complete range of specialists from various disciplines form a team to care for patients’ needs, in a warm and comfortable environment.

The centre also harnesses the latest in technology and medical innovations in the range of prevention and treatment services offered.

As the only centre in Asia to participate in an early papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine trial, the hospital played a significant role in obtaining approval for the world’s first cervical cancer vaccine.

Our Clinical Services

Screening and Prevention

Pap Smear

Cervix cancer is the fifth most common cancer in Singapore and can be prevented by screening with the Pap Smear. Early changes in the cervix can be seen long before a cancer develops and treating the cancer in this pre-cancerous stage can prevent cervix cancer from occurring.


When a pap smear suggests that there are some pre-cancer cells, your specialist may suggest a colposcopy examination. This involves an instrument with a magnifying glass through which a better view of the cervix can be obtained.

Cone Biopsy

A cone biopsy is a minor surgical procedure. It involves the removal of a cylindrical or cone-shaped piece of the cervix in which the abnormal cells are located. Pathological examination will then confirm the diagnosis and ensure that all the abnormal cells have been removed.

Laser Treatment

Laser surgery is a safe and effective method available for various gynaecological conditions of the vulva, vagina and cervix. The laser produces a beam of intense light not visible to the eye. This beam is directed by the surgeon on the affected area as he views the area through an operating microscope. The laser beam instantly evaporates diseased cells while causing little or no damage to the surrounding healthy tissues.

Risk Evaluation & Prevention (REAP) Clinic

We are a referral centre for women who have an increased chance of developing ovarian or other gynaecological cancer, based on family history or other risk factors. We provide genetic testing and also counsel women about their personal risk.


The Centre’s medical expertise employs a multidisciplinary approach to treatment which includes chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery, and the latest in medical innovations to deliver the best clinical outcome possible. The centre’s aim is to enable patients to pursue their family, work and leisure activities as normally as possible.

Our Clinics:

  • Gynaecological Cancer Clinic
  • Colposcopy and Dysplasia Clinic
  • Vulvar Clinic
  • Chemotherapy Clinic
  • Radiotherapy Clinic
  • Lymphoedema Clinic
  • Palliative Care Clinic
  • Douching Clinic

Range of Services:

  • Gynaecological cancer screening and prevention
  • Treatment of preinvasive diseases
  • LEEP and laser surgery
  • Cancer surgery
  • Complex pelvic surgery
  • Inpatient and outpatient cancer care
  • Inpatient and outpatient chemotherapy
  • Tumour Board Conference
  • Cancer support group & befriender service
  • Comprehensive cancer care including palliative care, psychological support, physiotherapy and dietetics services
  • Seriatic Oncology Service

Women’s Cancer Support

Care for patients goes beyond medical grounds. Counselling sessions, support group therapy, home visits and social activities help cancer patients of all ages cope emotionally with their disease and treatment, and to adjust to life after cancer. Psychotherapy sessions help patients through the emotional trauma of a diagnosis of cancer and treatment, and psychiatrists help alleviate severe symptoms of anxiety and depression that can be associated with cancer treatment. Nurse counsellers, volunteer befrienders and hospice staff help to link these families in need to community help groups. A wide range of books on coping with the disease are also available to patients and their families at the Patient Education Centre.

Education and Research

To achieve clinical leadership, the centre’s research programmes focus on the advancement in the prevention, control and cure of gynaecological cancers.

After a ten-year study (1998- 2008) of women’s cancer involving 4,000 patients focused on cancer of the cervix, uterus, ovary, vulva and vagina, it was found the centre’s treatment has resulted in better outcomes. For example, the centre’s treatment of uterine cancer had pushed up the five-year survival rate of a patient with Stage 2 cancer to a level almost comparable with Stage 1 cancer.

The centre also conducts regular workshops, conferences and public forums, including the Annual Colposcopy courses held with reputable international centres, attended by local and overseas delegates.


The Centre was the first in Asia to introduce a new state-of-the-art digital colposcopy system, an important step in screening for cervical cancer. Called Mediscan, the system captures high quality photographs and videos of the cervix.

It is also a recognised training centre of the Royal Australian – New Zealand College of O & G for Gynaecologic Oncology.

Our Experts

Name Designation Qualification
Adj Assoc Prof Timothy Lim Yong Kuei Head & Senior Consultant (Gynaecological Oncology); Deputy Chairman, Division of O&G MBBS (Spore), MRCOG (UK), FAMS
Assoc Prof Philip Yam Kwai Lam Senior Mentor & Senior Consultant (Gynaecological Oncology) MBBS, MMed (O&G), FRCOG (UK), FAMS
Prof Ho Tew Hong Chief of Gynaecology & Emeritus Consultant (Gynaecological Oncology) MBBS, MMed (O&G), FRCOG (UK), FAMS, MRCOG
Dr Lim Sheow Lei Senior Consultant (Medical Oncology) MBBS (Monash), MRCP(UK)
Dr Chin Pui See Janice Senior Consultant (Preinvasive & Screening) MBBS (Spore), MRCOG (UK), FAMS
Dr Wong Wai Loong Consultant
(Gynaecological Oncology)
MB BCh BAO (NUI), MRCOG (UK), MMed (Spore)
Dr Aggarwal Ieera Madan Consultant
(Gynaecological Oncology)
Dr Tewani Komal Girish Consultant
(Gynaecological Oncology)
MBBS (India), M Med (Family Med) (S'pore)
Dr Wang Junjie Consultant
(Gynaecological Oncology)
MBBS (S'pore)
Dr Felicia Chin Hui Xian Associate Consultant
(Gynaecological Oncology)
MBBS (S'pore), MRCOG (RCOG, UK), M Med (O&G) (S'pore)
Dr Chia Yin Nin Visiting Consultant (Gynaecological Oncology) MBBS (S'pore), MRCOG (UK), DGO (RANZCOG), FAMS
Dr Quek Swee Chong Visiting Consultant (Preinvasive & Screening) MBBCh (Ireland), BAO, MRCOG
Assoc Prof Giam Yoke Chin Visiting Consultant (Dermatology) MBBS, M Med (Paed), FAMS
Dr Denis Cheong Mun Oon Visiting Consultant * (Colorectal Surgery) MBBS, FRCS, FAMS
Dr Ching Kwok Choy Visiting Consultant (Gynaecological Oncology) MBBS, M Med (O&G), MRCOG, FAMS
Dr Lee I Wuen Visiting Consultant (Gynaecological Pre-Invasive Diseases) MBBS, M Med (O&G), MRCOG
Dr Soh Lay Tin Visiting Consultant (Medical Oncology) MBBS, MRCP (UK), FRCP (Edin), FAMS (Int Med)
Dr Yap Swee Peng Visiting Consultant (Medical Oncology) MBBS, MRCP (UK), FRCR (Clinical Oncology)
Dr Richard Yeo Ming Chert Visiting Consultant (Radiation Oncology) MBBS, FRCR (Clinical Oncology)
Dr Lynette Ngo Su-Mien Visiting Consultant (Medical Oncology) MBBS (S'pore), MRCP (UK), MMed (Internal Medicine) (S'pore), Dip Pall Med (ECU)
Dr Soong Yoke Lim Visiting Consultant (Radiation Oncology) MBBS (Melbourne), FRCR (UK), FFRRCSI
Dr Ng Kheng Hong Visiting Consultant *
Dr Khoo Tan Hoon Seng Visiting Consultant (Clinical Oncology) MBBS, FRCR (Clinical Oncology)
Prof Eu Kong Weng Visiting Consultant *
MBBS, FRCS (Ed), MMed (Surgery), FICS (USA), FAMS (General Surgery)
Dr Gerald Tan Yau Min Visiting Consultant (Urology Surgery) MB ChB (Edin), MRCS (Edin), M Med (Surg) (S'pore), FAMS (Urology), FICS (USA) 
Dr Teo Ching Ching Melissa Visiting Consultant (Complicated & Peritonectomy Surgery) MBBS (S'pore), MRCS (Edin), M Med, FAMS, MPH
Dr Chay Wen Yee Visiting Consultant (Medical Oncology) MBBS (S'pore), MRCP (UK), M Med
Dr Siow Tian Rui Visiting Consultant MBBS (Singapore), MRCP (UK) 2008, FRCR (Clinical Oncology)
Dr Koh Poh Kim Elisa Visiting Consultant
(Gynaecological Oncology)
MBBS (Spore), MRCOG (UK)

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KK Gynaecological Cancer Centre

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