Women's Wellness Centre

The Hospital understands the growing medical needs of today’s woman. It is with these special needs in mind that we have set up the Women’s Wellness Centre.

The Women’s Wellness Centre offers a wide range of holistic screening packages tailored to meet the needs of women at various stages of life.

Have a quick look at our Women Wellness Health Packages.

Well Women Health Programmes

Women Wellness

This is designed for women below the age of 40 and who would like to be in touch with the state of their health and well-being. It includes a detailed physical examination with the necessary blood tests.

Women Exclusive

For women above the age of 40, it is on all aspects of a woman’s health and includes a physical examination, together with a series of medical and laboratory investigations for early signs of cancers.

Women General

For women of all ages, this includes a detailed physical examination with the basic blood tests. There will be no gynaecological assessments.

Speciality Programmes

These programmes cover a wide range of specialities for women who prefer to have a gynaecological assessment with a trusted and well-established women’s hospital.

Gynae Basic

This comprises a medical examination by a specialist, urine analysis, Pap smear and detailed ultrasound scan of the pelvis.

Gynae Plus

This is a holistic programme with focus on specific risk factors. It includes extensive investigation of the cervix and mammography.

Breast Health

This programme aims to increase awareness of breast health among women. It comprises a medical assessment by a specialist as well as mammography of the breast.

Coronary Health optional test (upon assessment by doctor)

This is a quick non-invasive scan to evaluate your risk of heart attack.

Prompt consultations and referrals with various specialists can be arranged if needed.

Gentle Reminders

Fasting before a health screening

  • Fasting ensures accurate blood specimen tests for glucose and cholesterol level.
  • Please make sure you do not consume any food or beverages (except plain water) eight hours before your health screening appointment.
  • You will be served light refreshments after the blood specimens have been taken.

Preparing for a mammogram

  • You are advised to avoid this examination if you are pregnant or during periods when your breasts are tender (e.g. before your period).
  • Your appointment should ideally be scheduled one week after the last day of your period in order to achieve the best mammogram result.
  • Do not use talcum powder or deodorant before your examination.
  • Bring along previous mammogram films (if any).

Preparing for a Pap Smear

  • Please make an appointment around Day 10-14 of your menstrual cycle to allow for accurate result. This is about one week after the last day of your period.

What to bring for your appointment

  • NRIC
  • Work Permit / Employment Pass or Passport (for non-residents)
  • Past medical records, recent X-rays, laboratory results and current medication (if applicable)

Appointments and Enquiries

To make an appointment or enquire on package prices, please call our Central Appointments at Tel: +65 6294 4050.

Women Wellness Centre
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Women’s Wellness Centre

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