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Children's Fitness

Our Programmes (For Children)

Children's Fitness is an exercise programme designed specifically for children and adolescents. The programme provides a holistic approach towards educating children on the importance of an active and healthy lifestyle. It also provides a supervised environment for children to exercise and improve their body composition, fitness level and confidence in performing physical activities.

Who is eligible?

Children’s Fitness is suitable for children and adolescents aged six to 18 years, who have weight concerns or poor physical fitness due to sedentary lifestyles, chronic illnesses (such as asthma, congenital heart disease, diabetes etc), or reduced physical activity after a major surgery or chemotherapy.

Programme Outline

Once referred to the programme, the child will undergo an entry assessment in the first session to evaluate the body composition (via skinfold and tetrapolar bio-impedance measurement), aerobic fitness (submaximal) and muscle strength / endurance. Physical activity and lifestyle is also assessed. The child and parents are then counselled on lifestyle management. An individual fitness training plan is prepared with realistic goals for each participant, based on the assessment.

The programme is carried out in a group setting under the supervision of an exercise specialist. Each session engages the participants in a series of structured exercises appropriate to age, developmental stage and fitness level.

Appointment Booking

To make an appointment, please call Central Appointments at +65 6294 4050 or click here for an online appointment request.

Note: A doctor's referral is required for a child to enrol in this programme. For children who are currently seeing a paediatrician at KK Women's and Children's Hospital, the referral may be made through the child’s paediatrician.

For further enquiries, please contact

Mr Brandon Feng
​Exercise Trainer
Tel: +65 6394 8488

Mr Micheal Lim
Head and Principal Clinical Exercise Physiologist


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