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Avian Influenza Virus RT-PCR

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Specimen Container

Sterile container
Virus swab

Specimen Requirement

Respiratory specimens are the best specimens. Nasopharyngeal aspirate is the specimen of choice (WHO). Other acceptable specimens include nasopharyngeal swabs, throat swabs, BAL and ETTA. At KKH, NP swab is preferred. Procedure for NP swab collection:
1. Use a Red cap virus swab tube.
2. Insert the flexible shafted swab into the nostril and back into the nasopharynx.
3. Leave swab for a few seconds to absorb secretions and withdraw with a rotating motion.
4. Sample the second nostril similarly.

Specimen Storage / Transport

• All specimens must be transported to the laboratory within 24 hours of collection, otherwise store at 40oC.
• Double-bag the specimen. Do not send by pneumatic tube.
• Please call the Molecular Microbiology Lab at 6394 1382 before sending the specimen to pre-empt the laboratory.
• Indicate on Virology Form: "NP swab (PCR) for H5N1" and write "ALERT: Suspect Avian Flu" on the form. Stamp ‘ISO’ on the form.
• Accompanying specimens for respiratory IF should be similarly stamped "ALERT: Suspect Avian Flu" and ‘ISO’ on the form.



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Turn Around Time

Routine cases: 1 - 2 days
Urgent cases: 24 hrs or less

Reference Value(s)

Testing Laboratory Location



Molecular Micro

Contact Number

6394 1382

Day and Time Performed

Mon - Fri: 0800 hrs to 1800 hrs
Last specimen receipt time: 1730

Sat: 0800hrs to 1300 hrs
Last specimen receipt time: 1230

Sun: 0800 hrs to 1600 hrs
Last specimen receipt time: 1500
Urgent cases: A phone consult is required between the physician-in-charge and the microbiologist. Staff will be recalled to perform test.

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Additional Information

Notes for physicians:
• For panic cases (severe viral pneumonia and significant exposure to infected birds/cases), a phone consultation between microbiologist and physician or MOH surveillance team is required.
• Microbiologist will make final decision on methods and timing of test performance, to meet responsibilities pertaining to test quality and clinical management.
• For highly suspect cases, 3 specimens over consecutive days should be sent.

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