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Tonsil and Adenoids - Symptoms

Tonsil and Adenoids - How to prevent?

Tonsil and Adenoids - Causes and Risk Factors

Tonsil and Adenoids - Diagnosis

Tonsil and Adenoids - Post-surgery care

Soon After Surgery

The child might still be sleepy and have vomiting from the effects of general anaesthesia. This will wear off with a little time. After a few hours, he will be allowed to drink water and hence eat ice cream. A soft diet is usually given the next morning. There might be slight blood stained sputum produced but this is expected.

Days After Surgery

The child will have a sore throat and dryness of the mouth but this will improve as the throat muscles return to normal. Eating and drinking should be resumed and encouraged as this will prevent debris from collecting and help in recovery. The 'pain killer' given should be taken to relief throat discomfort and the entire course of antibiotics to be completed. The tonsillar beds at the back of the throat will have a whitish coating in the ensuing days of recovering. This is the normal appearance of a recovering wound in the mouth.

After Discharge

There is no diet restriction and normal diet and oral hygiene should resume. During the first week, the child should stay at home and avoid contact with people suffering from cough, colds and other infections. Contact with smoking adults and crowded places should be avoided. These precautions are to prevent a very small risk of bleeding from the tonsillar beds.


If the child experiences:

  • Significant throat or ear pain not relieved by medication
  • Fresh bleeding from the mouth

Please seek treatment at Children's Emergency, Basement 1, KK Women's and Children's Hospital. They will then contact the #ENT doctors# as required.

Follow-Up Appointment

Usually, a single post-operative follow-up date is given. Do keep your appointment with the doctor as the follow-up care is important is preventing complications.

Tonsil and Adenoids - Other Information

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