Respiratory Medicine


An estimated 20% of the children in Singapore suffer from asthma. In addition, statistics show that 20% of normal children snore occasionally and 7% to 10% have habitual snoring. Most children who snore are healthy, but about one per cent of them may snore due to sleep and/or breathing problems. The risk is higher if they have large tonsils and adenoids, conditions affecting the central nervous system and/or muscle, anatomical abnormality of the jaw or face, a family history of sleep or breathing problems, or are obese.

A key referral centre in Singapore for breathing and sleep-related disorders, our Respiratory Medicine Service cares for a large number of children ranging from newborns to 16-year-olds.

We also partner family physicians and paediatricians to facilitate the medical care and management of our patients at community level.

Range of Services:

  • General respiratory conditions
  • Asthma management
    • Asthma counselling is an integral part of the asthma management, and is conducted by experienced asthma nurses.
    • We educate patients and their caregivers on the disease and the importance of adherence to treatment.
    • We teach and reinforce correct inhaler techniques during each visit, and provide each child with an asthma action plan that empowers them and their caregivers to manage mild asthma exacerbations.
  • Chronic lung diseases
  • Respiratory tract infections
  • Sleep related breathing disorders
  • General sleep disorders
  • Pulmonary assessment
    • We have a pulmonary function laboratory capable of performing spirometry, lung volume/diffusion/exhaled nitric oxide tests as well as challenge tests for asthma. 
    • We perform skin prick tests for evaluation of the atopic/allergic child.
    • We also conduct cardiopulmonary exercise tests as part of the evaluation for children with difficulties with exercising.
  • Primary ciliary dyskinesia diagnostic service
  • Paediatric flexible bronchoscopy and bronchoalveolar lavage
  • Video polysomnography and mean sleep latency tests
    • Our Sleep Disorders Centre consists of a 2-room facility performing 10 sleep studies a week.
    • The video polysomnography and the multiple sleep latency tests enable evaluation of a wide range of sleep disorders including sleep related breathing disorders, parasomnias, hypersomnias, and periodic limb movement disorders.

Our Experts

Name Designation Qualification
Adj Assoc Prof Teoh Oon Hoe Head, Respiratory Medicine Service & Senior Consultant; Deputy Head, Dept of Paediatrics MBBS, M Med (Paed), MRCPCH (UK)
Prof Chay Oh Moh Emeritus Consultant and KKH Campus Director, Education MBBS, M Med (Paed), FAMS, FRCPCH
Adj Assoc Prof Anne Goh Eng Neo Senior Consultant MBBS, M Med (Paed), FAMS, FRCPCH (UK)
Dr Biju Thomas Senior Consultant MBBS, FRCPCH (UK)
Dr Arun Pugalenthi Senior Consultant MBBS, FRCPCH (UK)
Dr Petrina Wong Consultant MBBS, MRCPCH (UK)
Dr Tan Yi Hua Associate Consultant MBBS (Singapore), MMED (Paeds), MRCPCH (UK)
Dr Jenny Tang Visiting Consultant MBBS, MMed, MRCP
Dr Lee Jun Theodric   Visiting Consultant MBBS, MMed (Paeds) (Singapore), MRCPCH (UK), FAMS (Paeds) (Singapore)
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