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Areas of Care

Women's Services

At KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, much of our attention is dedicated to the growing medical needs of today’s women to provide the best care possible.

In this regard, we look beyond the patient’s immediate medical needs by providing holistic and seamless integrated care. We have set up one-stop centres to provide comprehensive services under one roof. The services range from diagnosis to treatment, and even emotional and psychological support.



Our Nurses perform a wide range of clinical and non-clinical functions necessary to the delivery of health care, and they are also involved in medical and nursing education and research.


Children's Services

Children aren't mini-adults and shouldn't be treated like small adults. Their anatomy and physiology, the kinds of illnesses they suffer from, and the ways they're treated are very different.

Children belong in a children's hospital. And that's what we're here for... to meet the needs of your child. At the KK Women's and Children's Hospital, we are dedicated to healing and fighting childhood illnesses - for babies and children below 18 years old.