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Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose & Throat)

Contact Information
Level 2, Children's Tower
65 6394 5062/5063

If you are pregnant and suffering from ear, nose or throat (ENT) problems, we can help you.

Pregnancy will cause changes to the body as metabolic, hormonal and physiologic shifts can lead to head and neck problems such as a stuffy nose or heartburn. Some may experience hearing loss or even facial paralysis known as Bell’s palsy. Pregnancy tumour (known as pyogenic granuloma), caused by infection, may also occur. It tends to grow rapidly inside the nose or mouth of expectant women, mimicking a tumour. The good news is, it is not cancerous and requires only a simple removal.

Hence, it is important to choose an experienced doctor who can accurately diagnose the condition and adopt a safe treatment for both mother and her unborn baby.

The ENT Centre looks after women affected by ear, nose and throat problems, especially those who are pregnant.


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Conditions We Treat

  • Pregnancy tumours (pyogenic granuloma)
  • Nasal problems like stuffiness, nose bleed (epistaxis) and allergies
  • Heartburn (oesophagitis)
  • Bell’s palsy (facial weakness or paralysis)
  • Hearing problems
  • Anticipated airway problems in the fetus