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Our Healthcare Professionals

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SingHealth is committed to nurturing future generations of both healthcare and non-healthcare professionals. We empower our people with the right skills and harness advanced technologies to deliver medical excellence and genuine care.
At SingHealth, you have the opportunity to learn from the best and achieve more. Find out more about your career path at SingHealth today. 

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"Research and innovation open doors to new treatments and advances medical care. My work as a clinician and researcher complements each other and it is fulfilling to know this will improve the care and health outcomes of my patients."


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Meet some of our staff who have made a meaningful difference in their careers and the health of others.

Our Healthcare Professionals

Explore opportunities to advance and achieve the extraordinary in your career.

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Almost 20,000 dedicated professionals have chosen to be part of the SingHealth family to care for patients, hone their skills and help improve healthcare. We welcome all job seekers along with those graduating from colleges, universities and residency programmes.