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Breast Unit

I About The Programme
II Assessment and Evaluation
III Target Audience and Eligibility Requirements
IV Other Information

I About The Programme

Name of Programme

Fellowship in Breast Surgery


The Breast Unit of the KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital is the first and only dedicated unit in Singapore fully subspecialised in management of a wide range of breast disease including both benign and malignant conditions.

For more information on the KK Breast Centre, click here.

Aim of Programme

To train Fellows in all aspects of the management of breast diseases, both benign and malignant.

Duration of Programme

12 months

Number of Training Places

One per year

Learning Outcomes

After completing the programme, Fellows will be able to:

  • understand basic physiology of breast diseases and common symptomatology;
  • manage the medical and surgical aspect of wide range benign breast conditions including pregnancy and lactation related problems;
  • interpret common breast investigative tests, including mammography, ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography, sentinel lymph node lymphoscintigraphy etc;
  • use a variety of interventional tools for breast biopsies including fine needle aspiration, core needle biopsy, vacuum assisted core needle biopsy and open surgical biopsy;
  • use basic bedside ultrasound for preliminary evaluation of symptoms and use ultrasound as image-guided directional breast biopsy;
  • make surgical decisions in treatment of breast cancers;
  • develop surgical skills and expertise in common breast surgeries including excision biopsy, microdochectomy, lumpectomy, mastectomy, skin sparing mastectomy (with reconstruction), sentinel lymph node biopsy, axillary clearance etc.;
  • be involved in journal clubs and multidisciplinary tumour board discussions of breast cancer cases with medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, radiologists, pathologists and other team members
  • have a basic understanding of neoadjuvant, adjuvant and palliative treatments in breast cancer.

Content Areas

The programme covers the following areas:

  • Consultation of patients in outpatient clinic
  • Inpatient management of patients
  • Diagnostic and surgical procedures
  • Academic activities including research and presenting at meetings.

Training Methods

Clinical Fellows and Observers will be attached to the Breast Department, KKH and will attend discussions/meetings that involve other departments according to the department schedule. There will be no formal rotation to other departments in the hospital.

Clinical Fellows and Observers will be assigned to one of the following supervisors:

  • Dr Lim Swee Ho, Senior Consultant
  • Dr Lim Geok Hoon, Senior Consultant
  • Dr Tan Qing Ting, Consultant
  • Dr Yan Zhiyan, Consultant
  • Dr Pang Siyan Jinnie, Consultant
  • Dr Evan Woo, Visiting Consultant

Clinical Fellows will maintain a logbook of procedures performed. A review with the supervisor will take place after 3 months or earlier if the duration of fellowship is shorter. Subsequently a review with the supervisor will take place at the end of 6 months and thereafter at 6 monthly intervals.

Past and Present Fellows

Some of our past Fellows are:

  • Dr Go Aura Lynn
  • Dr Maila Rose Liwag Torillo
  • Dr Jayne Michelly Adolfo Lim
  • Dr Hannah Acosta
  • Dr Lea Pineda
  • Dr Eillen Borge
  • Dr Joan Fabiosa-Reyes
  • Dr Veronica Alcantara

Team of Experts

The Fellowship in Breast Surgery Programme is managed by the following experts:

​Dr Lim Swee HoHead & Senior Consultant​MBBS (Hons), MRCSEd (Surg), MMed (Surg), FRCSEd (Surg)
​Dr Lim Geok Hoon
Senior Consultant
MBBS, MMed (Surg), FRCSEd (Gen)
​Dr Tan Qing Ting
MBBS, MRCS (Edin), MMed (Surg), FRCS (Surg), FAMS (Surg)
​Dr Yan Zhiyan
MBBS (London), MRCS (Edin), MMed (Surg), FRCS (Edin), FAMS (Surg)
​Dr Pang Siyan Jinnie
​MBBS, MRCS (Edin), GDFM, MMed (Surg), FRCS (Edin)
​Dr Evan WooVisiting Consultant​MBBS (Spore), MRCSEd, MMed (Surg), FAMS (Plastic Surg)

II Assessment and Evaluation

Aims of Assessment

Fellows are required to continually demonstrate the following six competencies throughout the programme:

(A) Patient Care

  • Clinical consultation and decision-making
  • Procedural and operative skills

(B) Medical Knowledge

  • Knowledge about current practice of breast surgery, including management of breast cancer

(C) Practice-Based Learning and Improvement

  • Participation in research and academic activities of the department, eg. journal reviews

(D) Interpersonal and Communication Skills

  • Ability to communicate and collaborate with colleagues
  • Ability to communicate with patients and their families

(E) Professionalism

  • Professionalism in behavior towards patients and colleagues

(F) Systems-Based Practice

  • Understanding of the multidisciplinary team-based approach to the management of breast diseases

Assessment Approaches

Assessment by supervisor in charge of the Fellow.

Evaluation Process

General overall grading system

The general overall grading system evaluates the Fellow’s performance upon completion of the fellowship programme. All Fellows will be given a general overall grading status at the end of the fellowship programme based on the grading criteria requirements incorporating the six competencies based knowledge, skills and performance that Fellows must demonstrate throughout the programme.

Grading Status ​Description ​Grading Criteria Requirements
​Completes the programme
  • Satisfactory performance as assessed by supervisor
​Unsatisfactory performance
  • Unsatisfactory performance as assessed by supervisor
​Did not complete the programme
  • Inability to complete entire duration of the programme
​Withdrawn from the programme
  • Withdrawal from the programme before commencement

Training programme will be terminated if:

  1. the assessment review by the supervisor is poor;
  2. the clinical Fellow/Observer does not adhere to regulations pertaining to his/her role;
  3. any significant disciplinary problems involving the clinical observer or fellow arises

III Target Audience and Eligibility Requirements

Target Audience

General surgeons with a subspecialty interest in breast surgery.

Pre-requisite/Eligibility Requirement(s)

Candidates must:

  • have a basic medical degree;
  • have completed training in general surgery.

IV Other Information

Course Fees

Course fee will be determined upon application.


Clinical Fellows/Observers must be self-funded sponsored by their parent country or institution, and are to return home at the end of the training programme.


A certificate of completion will be presented to each Fellow at the completion of the programme.