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Estimated Hospitalisation Bill Calculator (Gynaecology Procedures)

Thank you for choosing KK Women's and Children's hospital to provide for your healthcare needs.

This Estimated Hospitalisation Bill Calculator (Gynaecology Procedures) serves as a guide to help you make an informed decision. The actual bill size may vary depending on your medical condition, type of treatment and length of stay.

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  1. The amount shown is an estimated bill size, inclusive of GST for private patients. For subsidised patients, GST is absorbed by the Government.
  2. The amount shown is an estimated bill size. For patient(s) who are Singapore Citizens/Singapore Permanent Resident and opt for subsidised (Ward Type B2 or C), the estimate is based on maximum subsidy and may vary depending on patient’s eligibility. As such, the estimated figure may not be identical to the actual bill size.
  3. The estimated bill size includes the doctor’s fee and standard procedure(s). Actual bill may differ as a result of your prevailing medical condition, actual services consumed and additional charges as deem fit by your surgeon (for private patients only).
  4. The Medisave claimable can only be withdrawn with sufficient balance in your Medisave account.
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  8. To make an appointment for consultation with our Specialist, please call +65 6294 4050.
  9. All rates are subject to revision without prior notice.