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Intervention at DCD

Our multidisciplinary team of allied health professionals provide assessment and intervention services at our satellite clinics. Our multidisciplinary team consists of:

We provide a range of services for children and parents based on the child's and family's needs.


Individual session

Children referred for individual therapy services will receive intervention at one of our satellite clinics . In collaboration with caregivers, the AHP will set goals for the child's therapy sessions based on the assessment outcomes. Review sessions may be planned after the therapy sessions to follow-up on the child's progress. We will work closely with you and support you through the challenges you may be facing with your child's developmental needs. 


Transdisciplinary Early Communicators Programme

The Early Communicators Programme was developed by our occupational therapists, speech and language therapists and psychologists at DCD to provide coordinated and holistic care to children with delayed social engagement and communication skills. The programme includes a training session for caregivers to equip them with knowledge and skills to facilitate their child’s communication skills. This is followed by individual sessions to further support the caregivers. 

Group therapy for children

Some children will benefit from group therapy. Our team provides the following group therapy programmes:

  • Social Skills Group
  • Make a friend Group
  • Self-regulation Group
  • Early Words Playgroup
  • Social Communication Group
  • Language Group
  • PI Preparation Language Group

Caregiver Workshops

We recognise the challenges of learning to care for children with developmental or behavioural difficulties at home. DCD offers tailored education and training to enhance parenting practices and provide strategies for behaviour management. This includes developing and practicing positive discipline techniques, understanding child development milestones and age-appropriate behaviours, promoting positive play and interaction between caregivers and their child, and locating and accessing community services and supports.

These workshops will help caregivers increase their awareness and confidence to help their children reach their maximum potential. Equipping the caregiver, who is the most important member of the child's care team, will have maximum impact on their child's outcome.