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Molecular Pathology Laboratory

The Molecular Pathology Laboratory is an extension of the main Histopathology Laboratory, and was established to utilise molecular techniques for molecular characterization of paediatric and gynaecological specimens. Among our services, we provide the MSI Test for the Lynch Disease screening programme at KKH ( see article “Saving lifes, Changing Futures” by Dr. Adele Wong).

The molecular techniques used in the laboratory include:

  • DNA-based PCR for fragment and sequence analysis
  • RNA-based reverse transcriptase-PCR for gene fusion detection
  • Nanostring® nCounter® system for medulloblastoma molecular subtyping and sarcoma and paediatric cancer gene fusion detection
  • Next-generation sequencing-based ArcherTM FusionPlex Sarcoma Panel for sarcoma and paediatric cancer gene gene fusion detection

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Further information can be obtained from DPLM Client Services at