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Anal Itch

Anal Itch: Causes, Treatment, Where to Seek Treatment | Singapore General Hospital

Anal Itch - Symptoms

Anal Itch - How to prevent?

Anal Itch - Diagnosis

Anal Itch - Treatments

A careful examination by a doctor may identify a definite cause for the itching. Your doctor can then recommend a specific treatment to eliminate problem. Treatment of pruritus ani may include these four points.

  • Avoid further trauma to the affected area.

    Do not use any soap on the anal area.

    Do not rub the anal area with anything - not even toilet paper.

    For hygiene, use wet toilet paper, wet tissues or a wet cloth to dab the area clean. Never rub.

    Do not to scratch the itchy area. Scratching causes more damage, which results in making the itching worse.

  • Avoid moisture in the anal area.

    After cleaning, put some cotton or gauze to keep the area dry.

    Do not put any all medicated, perfumed and deodorant powders.

  • Use only medications prescribed by your doctor and use them only as directed. Lightly apply the prescribed medications and do not rub.
  • Avoid food and excess liquids that make you have loose or frequent stools.
  • How long does this treatment usually take?

    Most people experience some relief from itching within a week. Complete cure usually comes within four to six weeks.

Anal Itch - Preparing for surgery

Anal Itch - Post-surgery care

Anal Itch - Other Information

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