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Bacterial Skin Infections

Bacterial Skin Infections - Symptoms


Impetigo causes the affected skin to be red, itchy, and sometimes painful. Children are usually otherwise generally well, and most do not have a fever.

Impetigo can occur anywhere on the skin but most commonly affects the face, especially around the nose and mouth, and on the limbs.

It begins as small pus-filled blisters that break easily to become patches with golden yellow crusts and surrounding scales.

When treated appropriately, impetigo heals over a few days without leaving scars, although there may be temporary redness and darker pigmentation that may take weeks or months to resolve.


Erysipelas or cellulitis presents with pain, swelling, warmth, redness and sometimes blistering over the affected skin, usually over the arms or legs.

There may be fever, shivers, and general discomfort. The lymph glands nearest the infection may be swollen and painful.

In severe cases, complications can occur, like blood infection (sepsis), deeper infections to muscle, bone and joints, and meningitis (brain infection).

Rarely, kidney damage (glomerulonephritis) can occur with streptococcal infection. This can occur up to three weeks after the skin infection, and presents with cloudy or blood tinged urine, increased facial puffiness and swelling on the legs. See the doctor immediately if this occurs.


Boils begin as a small, itchy, and sometimes painful bump that develops into a bigger red lump under the skin surface. Occasionally, pus may be released from the boil. Fever and body-aches may be present.

Boils can occur anywhere on the body but is more common over sites with more hair.

Bacterial Skin Infections - How to prevent?

Bacterial Skin Infections - Preparing for surgery

Bacterial Skin Infections - Post-surgery care

Bacterial Skin Infections - Other Information

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