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Bedwetting - Growing Up

Bedwetting - Growing Up - What it is

​Bedwetting In Children

Bedwetting is a common and troublesome problem in some children.

It is viewed traditionally as part of growing up, but when it persists beyond early childhood, it becomes unacceptable and can be very stressful and distressing to the afflicted children and their families. Many parents are worried when their school-going child continues to wet his/her bed at night.

The following attempts to address some of the common questions asked about bedwetting, with the aim to provide some facts and dispel fallacies on this subject. The reviews provided are by no means exhaustive and you should discuss with the doctor or therapist when in doubt.

What Is Bedwetting?

It is uncontrollable wetting while asleep in an otherwise healthy child beyond early childhood.

Most bedwetters seeking treatment in Singapore are:

  • 5 years or older with majority between 7 to 12 years old
  • Suffering from frequent bedwetting of at least twice per week the majority being almost every night

Is Bedwetting A Problem That Needs Therapy?

Yes, especially when the child is already at school going age and the wetting is frequent.

  • Studies have shown that constant bedwetting can adversely affect the psychosocial development of the child causing low self-esteem and poor social adjustment
  • It can also cause resentment and anxiety in parents and other family members
  • It constitutes a source of embarrassment and deters the sufferer from healthy outdoor activities like overnight camping and travelling

In Singapore, it has been found that bedwetters and their parents sought treatment for the following reasons :

  • Restricted activities involving overnight sleep outside home
  • Parental fatigue
  • Disrupted sleep for the household
  • Fear of underlying disease

How Common Is Bedwetting?

Actual incidence of bedwetting is unknown in Singapore. However, it is believed to be quite common and there is an increasing number of cases seeking treatment in recent years.

  • Its occurrence in Singapore might be under-reported as it had been found that many sufferers and parents were too embarrassed to seek treatment while others thought that there is no effective treatment; thereby suffering in silence
  • In Western countries, the problem is common with a reported incidence of 10% among 7-year-olds, 5% among 10-year-olds and 1% in the adult population

Bedwetting - Growing Up - Symptoms

Bedwetting - Growing Up - How to prevent?

Bedwetting - Growing Up - Diagnosis

Bedwetting - Growing Up - Preparing for surgery

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