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Chest Radiograph (X-ray)

Chest Radiograph (X-ray) - What it is

Chest radiograph (x-ray) is a basic and useful test to diagnose problems in the cardiovascular and pulmonary systems - heart, lungs and blood vessels. It can help determine whether you have heart failure or a collapsed lung. It can also be used to reveal fluid in the lungs, enlargement of the heart, pneumonia and many other conditions.

chest radiograph conditions & treatments

When do you need this test?

If you have a persistent cough, an injury involving your chest, chest pain, a heart murmur or difficulty in breathing. You will also be required to do a chest x-ray as part of the pre-admission testing.

Chest Radiograph (X-ray) - Symptoms

Chest Radiograph (X-ray) - How to prevent?

Chest Radiograph (X-ray) - Causes and Risk Factors

Chest Radiograph (X-ray) - Diagnosis

Chest Radiograph (X-ray) - Treatments

Chest Radiograph (X-ray) - Preparing for surgery

Chest Radiograph (X-ray) - Post-surgery care

Chest Radiograph (X-ray) - Other Information

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