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Cone Biopsy

Cone Biopsy - What it is

Cone Biopsy / Leep of the Cervix / Laser Treatment - cervical procedure

Cone Biopsy / Leep of the Cervix / Laser Treatment

What Is A Cone Biopsy?

A cone biopsy or LEEP is a minor surgical procedure. It involves the removal of a cylindrical or cone-shaped piece of the cervix in which the abnormal cells are located. Pathological examination will then confirm the diagnosis and ensure that all the abnormal cells have been removed.

Why Is It Performed?

A cone biopsy or LEEP is performed when:

  • There are precancerous changes of the cervix.
  • The entire abnormal area cannot be fully seen at colposcopy. This may occur when the abnormality extends into the cervical canal. This is the canal that leads from the vagina through the cervix and into the uterus.
  • The PAP smear repeatedly shows abnormal cells although the colposcopy reveals normal results. This may mean that the abnormal cells are from the endocervical canal.
  • The doctor is concerned that the abnormal cells show signs of a very early cancer.

How Is It Performed?

You will be positioned as for a gynaecological examination.

For pain relief, a local anaesthetic (during which you will remain awake) or a general anaesthetic (during which you would be asleep for the entire procedure) will be administered.

In general, the procedure is performed via one of 3 methods:

  • With a heated electrical loop wire - This is known as LLETZ (large loop excision of the transformation zone) or LEEP (loop electrosurgical excision)
  • With a surgical knife
  • With a laser

There is usually some mild discomfort after the procedure. A brown-coloured paste (Monsel's solution) may be applied to arrest the bleeding.

A vaginal pack may also be inserted temporarily to stop any bleeding and a tube (catheter) may be placed in the bladder to ensure that it remains empty until the gauze is removed. Painkillers and antibiotics may be prescribed after the procedure.

Where Is It Performed?

This may be performed at:

  • The Colposcopy Clinic at the Gynaecological Cancer Center (GCC) (Level 1)
  • The Day Surgery Centre (Basement 1)
  • The Operating Theatres (Level 2)

Cone Biopsy - Symptoms

Cone Biopsy - How to prevent?

Cone Biopsy - Causes and Risk Factors

Cone Biopsy - Diagnosis

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Cone Biopsy - Other Information

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