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Donor Insemination Programme

Donor Insemination Programme - What it is

Who Is Suitable for Donor Insemination Programme?

Couples who are suitable for the programme would be those who have:

Azoospermia (no sperms in the ejaculate) or

Genetic conditions such as haemophilia and severe Rhesus incompatibility.

What Are The Requirements?

The recipient should have a healthy reproductive system with no tubal blockages or uterine conditions which may make it difficult to sustain a pregnancy. To ensure that the recipients fulfil the requirements, the following tests are needed:

  • Hormonal profile
  • Pelvic assessment
  • Screening for communicable diseases (syphilis, AIDS, Hepatitis B)
  • Blood group matching of the donor and recipient


A non-refundable test and administration fee will be charged. If the couple conceives and wishes to have another child using donor sperms, a new fee is payable. Fees for insemination procedures are charged separately.


Couples under this programme will undergo counselling. They must have a stable relationship and be psychologically and emotionally prepared to accept the child and provide him/ her with a loving home.

The medical, ethical and genetic implications of using donor sperms will be highlighted to the couples and their written consent to undergo the programme is required. Unmarried women will not be accepted into the programme.


Patients accepted into the programme are encouraged to look for a suitable sperm donor to replace the stock of frozen sperms. However, sperms from this donor will not be used for the same patient.

At KKIVF, we offer several programmes such as Superovulation with Intrauterine Insemination and ICSI.

Who Are The Donors?

Donors are members of the public. They are thoroughly screened for their background, social habits, health and physical characteristics.

Their donation is given on the basis that their identity is kept anonymous.

They also undergo tests for sexually transmitted diseases (AIDS, syphilis) and hereditary and chronic illness (according to the Ministry of Health guidelines.)

Donor sperms are quarantined for at least six months while waiting for all the necessary screening to be completed.

Each donor in Singapore is allowed to father not more than three children under this programme. This will minimise the risk of the children, born to different recipients or to the donor himself, from becoming sexually involved.

Who Are The Parents Of The Child?

The recipient and her husband are the parents of the child. Donors have no claim to any child born under the Donor Insemination programme. The identities of the donor and recipient are kept strictly confidential.

For more information, please contact the KKIVF Nurse Coordinators at tel: 6394 1694.

Useful phone numbers

Enquiries +65 6394 1694/2


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