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Ear Otitis Media

Ear Otitis Media - How to prevent?

Ear Otitis Media - Post-surgery care

After Discharge

There is no dietary restriction and normal diet and oral hygiene should resume.

The ventilation tubes placed through the eardrum will be automatically expelled in 6 months' to a year's time. This might need removal by the doctor from the ear canal during a follow-up visit.


Keep the ears dry as water in the middle ear increases the chance of infection. Do not allow shower spray to be directed into the ears. Older children will still be able to swim but this should be done while wearing good ear plugs. Placing of the head under water is to be avoided. Diving or swimming should be avoided in children below age 6. In the event of an ear infection, where there is pus discharging from the ears, medical opinion should be sought.


If the child experiences purulent ear discharge or pain some time after the operation, please seek treatment at Children's Emergency, Basement 1, KK Women's and Children's Hospital. They will then contact the ENT doctors as required.

Follow-Up Appointment

Usually, a single post-operative follow-up date in about 3 to 6 months' is given. Do keep your appointment with the doctor as the follow-up care is important to ascertain extrusion of the tube and if there is recurrence of middle ear fluid.

Ear Otitis Media - Other Information

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