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Sacrospinous Fixation

Sacrospinous Fixation - Symptoms

Sacrospinous Fixation - How to prevent?

Sacrospinous Fixation - Causes and Risk Factors

Sacrospinous Fixation - Diagnosis

Sacrospinous Fixation - Treatments

Sacrospinous Fixation - Preparing for surgery

How Do I Prepare Myself For The Operation?

  1. Find out more about the procedure (e.g. by reading this pamphlet, you could be mentally and emotionally prepared for this operation).
  2. Blood tests, an electrocardiography (ECG) and a chest X-ray may be done to ensure that you are in optimal health for the surgery.
  3. A hormonal preparation containing estrogen (i.e. cream or pessaries) may be given to you before the operation if you are already menopausal. It is important to comply with this medication as it ensures that your vaginal tissues are optimal for healing after surgery.
  4. You will generally be admitted one day before your surgery.
  5. You will generally be given medical leave of 4 weeks to rest after operation.

Sacrospinous Fixation - Other Information

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