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Hair Loss

Hair Loss - What it is


Alopecia areata is a fairly common hair disorder that can affect children and adults. It occasionally occurs in families as well.

It is known to be caused by the body’s immune system attacking the hair follicles.


Telogen effluvium is the most common cause of generalised scalp hair loss in children. It can also occur in adults.

It occurs due to an interruption in the normal growth of hairs. Conditions that can cause TE include acute illnesses (eg. high fever, dengue), surgery, medications and emotional stress. Sometimes a cause cannot be readily identified.

More long-term TE has been associated with chronic illnesses (eg. thyroid abnormalities, iron deficiency, malnutrition and autoimmune diseases.<


Traumatic alopecia results from the forceful pulling or breaking of hair by friction, pressure, traction, or other physical trauma. The usual causes are prolonged tight tying or braiding of hair, frequent hair treatments and trichotillomania.

Trichotillomania is a self-induced form of traction alopecia caused by habit plucking, pulling, or cutting of hair in a bizarre manner. The scalp is the most common site, but eyebrows and eyelashes may also be affected. The habit is usually practiced in bed before the child falls asleep (when parents are not noticing) or when the child is reading, writing, or watching television.


Androgenetic alopecia occurs in both males (male-pattern baldness) and females (female- pattern hair loss) and is the most common cause of hair loss in adults. However, it can begin in teenage years.

Many patients have a family history of the condition.

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