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Jaundice (Baby)

Jaundice (Baby) - Symptoms

​How Can I Tell If My Baby Is Jaundiced?

The best way to detect jaundice is to place the baby in good light such as daylight or fluorescent lights. The skin of the baby with jaundice usually appears yellow, first in the face, thereafter moving downwards to the chest, abdomen, arms and legs as the bilirubin level increases.

The whites of the eye may also appear yellow. In tanned skin babies, jaundice may be hard to detect visually. 

Jaundice (Baby) - How to prevent?

Jaundice (Baby) - Causes and Risk Factors

Jaundice (Baby) - Diagnosis

Jaundice (Baby) - Preparing for surgery

Jaundice (Baby) - Post-surgery care

Jaundice (Baby) - Other Information

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