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Klinefelter Syndrome

Klinefelter Syndrome - How to prevent?

Klinefelter Syndrome - Treatments

Can KS be cured?

While it is not possible to cure KS, much can be done to make sure your child has the best possible outcome.

How can KS be managed?

The multidisciplinary medical team looking after your child will be able to address specific medical concerns and routine KS-related healthcare issues.

Below are some related medical issues and how they can be managed:

Medical issue
Developmental delayEarly intervention therapies
HypogonadismTestosterone replacement
InfertilityAssisted reproductive therapy


Testosterone therapy
Testosterone can be given in the form of injections or tablets. It is usually started from puberty and continued through adulthood.

Testosterone replacement can help to:

  • Increase strength and build a more muscular body type
  • Increase facial and pubic hair growth
  • Increase libido (sex drive)
  • Promote feelings of well-being


Klinefelter Syndrome - Preparing for surgery

Klinefelter Syndrome - Post-surgery care

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