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Late Life Anxiety

Late Life Anxiety - Causes and Risk Factors

The risk factor of late-life anxiety is a complex combination of both biological and environmental factors.

1. Biological risk factors
  • Women are twice as likely as men to hvae risk factors. 
  • A family history of mental illness (anxiety/mood disorders) predisposes one to develop anxiety/mood disorders.
  • People with chronic physical illnesses have a greater risk of developing anxiety disorder. For example, excessive fear of falling leads to an individual's avoiding activities that they remain capable of performing.

2. Environmental risk factors
  • Loneliness or lack of social support is one the main environmental factors. 
  • Another factor is ow socioeconomic status or recent stressful life events such as loss of loved ones
  • Having to care for sick family member also increase the risk of developing anxiety. 
  • In the current climate, the response to the COVID-19 pandemic predisposes one to mental illnesses. 

Late Life Anxiety - Diagnosis

Late Life Anxiety - Preparing for surgery

Late Life Anxiety - Post-surgery care

Late Life Anxiety - Other Information

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