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Mastitis - What it is

mastitis conditions & treatments

Mastitis is usually an infection of the breast tissues. It is common in breastfeeding women.

It can occur anytime during lactation but is more common in the first 3 months of lactation. About up to 10 percent of women who breastfeed may be affected.

Idiopathic Granulomatous Mastitis (IGM)

Women not lactating or breastfeeding can also get mastitis. In some of these women, the cause is unknown. This may be resolved with a course of antibiotics, but if IGM persists, it may become complicated and abscesses may result. Surgery to drain the infection and to obtain tissue for biopsy may be needed.

In some severe cases, steroid therapy may be considered if an infective cause is excluded.

Mastitis - Preparing for surgery

Mastitis - Post-surgery care

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