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Mouth Ulcers

Mouth Ulcers - Conditions & Treatments | SingHealth

Mouth Ulcers - What it is

Mouth ulcers that have rolled or heaped-up edges should be viewed with a high-index of suspicion and reviewed at the SingHealth Duke-NUS Head and Neck Centre. Mouth ulcers condition and treatments SingHealth

What is a mouth ulcer?

A mouth ulcer is a loss of part of the mucous lining of your mouth. Most single mouth ulcers are the result of minor trauma (e.g. accidentally biting yourself while eating) and will heal within a week or two. Although troublesome and painful, these ulcers are usually benign and are no cause for worry.

Recurrent or non-healing mouth ulcers

Some people develop ulcers in the mouth that keep coming back. Although in many cases the cause is not clear, certain underlying medical conditions can predispose a person to having recurrent ulcers.

Non-healing ulcers - could it be cancer?

If an ulcer fails to heal within 2-3 weeks, it is important to have it evaluated by a doctor. In some instances, these ulcers can turn out to be cancerous. If you smoke, drink alcohol or chew betel nuts, you are at a higher risk of developing mouth or tongue cancers. However, even if you do not smoke, drink alcohol or chew betel nut, it is still important to see a doctor if your ulcer fails to heal after 2-3 weeks as it may still be a cancerous ulcer.

Mouth Ulcers - Symptoms

Mouth Ulcers - How to prevent?

Mouth Ulcers - Diagnosis

Mouth Ulcers - Treatments

Mouth Ulcers - Preparing for surgery

Mouth Ulcers - Post-surgery care

Mouth Ulcers - Other Information

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