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Utero-Vaginal Prolapse

Utero-Vaginal Prolapse - What it is

A prolapse occurs when there is protrusion of an organ or structure beyond its normal position. In utero-vaginal prolapse, there is descent of the uterus and/or vagina. This is a common gynaecological condition but many women do not seek treatment because of embarrassment, or they are unaware that the condition can cause problems and that treatment is available. It is important to seek medical advice early as it can be treated.

Prolapse of the uterus can occur on its own. But it can also be associated with a protrusion of the anterior (front), or posterior (back) wall of the vagina, or both. In women who have had their uterus removed, prolapse of the vagina can occur after surgery. The degree of prolapse can vary from a very mild descent of the pelvic organs, to a severe descent in which the uterus, part of the bladder and part of the rectum (back passage) protrudes through the vaginal opening.

Utero-Vaginal Prolapse - Preparing for surgery

Utero-Vaginal Prolapse - Post-surgery care

Utero-Vaginal Prolapse - Other Information

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