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Vaginal Hysterectomy - What it is

​What Is Vaginal Hysterectomy?

This is the removal of the womb through the vaginal route. There will not be any scars on the abdomen.

Do I Need To Remove My Ovaries?

Your doctor will discuss with you about the removal of the ovaries. This is usually recommended if you are approaching menopause or is post-menopausal. This can usually be done by the vaginal route as well.

Are There Any Other Surgeries To Be Done At The Same Time?

If there is a prolapse of the bladder (cystocele) or rectum (rectocele), a pelvic floor repair may be done at the same time. Continence procedure like a TVT/TVT-O may also be done if there is stress urinary incontinence.

Do I Require Hormone Replacement Therapy After Removal Of The Ovaries?

This depends on individual needs. Your doctor will discuss further with you on this.

Vaginal Hysterectomy - Symptoms

Vaginal Hysterectomy - How to prevent?

Vaginal Hysterectomy - Causes and Risk Factors

Vaginal Hysterectomy - Diagnosis

Vaginal Hysterectomy - Treatments

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