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Child Development - Doctors

What do we do?   

Our doctors in Department of Child Development evaluate, oversee, manage, and monitor the care of your preschool child referred to the department for concerns in their development. We collaborate with Primary Health and Community Services for early identification of children with developmental and behavioural problems, as early intervention can mitigate the impact of developmental challenges. We work closely with our allied health professionals, nurses, other medical specialists as well as our community partners to care for our child. 

What to expect at the doctor's visit?

  • We will perform a comprehensive assessment of your child's development by reviewing your child's medical, family and developmental history, as well as the assessment results. We will conduct a clinical interview and physical examination, and also observe your child's behaviour. 
  • We will seek to understand your concerns, discuss available options and set goals and priorities.
  • We then formulate a plan to address the developmental needs of your child, taking into consideration your concerns and wishes.
  • We may refer your child for other medical investigations or further evaluation before making a diagnosis.
  • We may refer your child for hospital or community-based intervention programmes to support your child's development, according to your child’s needs.
  • There will be regular follow-up appointments scheduled to assess your child's progress and to address any new concerns that you might have as your child grows up. For example, we could advise you on your child's educational or school placement needs.