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Vaginismus - Symptoms

  • Burning, pain, or stinging occurs when an object such as the penis is attempting to enter the vagina canal due to involuntary contraction of the vagina muscles.
  • The severity of the condition varies in different women:
    - Some are able to allow tampon or digital insertion but are not able to consummate the marriage.
    - Other women are unable to tolerate any form of object entering the vagina at all.
  • The male partner may experience "something blocking" the entry of the penis and pain during attempted penetration. Over time, after repeated failed attempts at intercourse, this cou ld lead to premature ejaculation or inability to sustain an erection.
Types of Vaginismus

Primary Vaginismus
When a woman has never at any time been able to have pain-free intercourse due to this muscle spasm, her condition is known as primary vaginismus. Some women with primary vaginismus are unable to wear tampons and/ or undergo vagina examination. Many couples are unable to consummate their relationship due to primary vaginismus.

Secondary Vaginismus
Vaginismus can also develop later in life, even after many years of pleasurable intercourse. This type of condition, known as secondary vaginismus, can be precipitated by:
  • Medical conditions
  • Traumatic life events
  • Childbirth
  • Surgery
  • Life-changes (menopause)

Vaginismus - How to prevent?

Vaginismus - Diagnosis

Vaginismus - Preparing for surgery

Vaginismus - Post-surgery care

Vaginismus - Other Information

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