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Vaginismus - How to prevent?

Vaginismus - Causes and Risk Factors

The cause of vaginismus is not clearly known. It can be associated with:
  • Negative past sexual experiences or sexual abuse in the younger years of life.
  • Social upbringing, religious and cultural influences can affect views on masturbation and the sexual act which can give rise to anxiety and aversion to intimacy and sexuality.
  • Psychological factors include those such as the imagined fear of pain from something entering the vagina, tearing the hymen or that the penis is too big for the vagina.

The incidence of vaginismus in Singaporean women is unknown but it is estimated that 1% of women seeking help for subfertility actually suffer from this condition. It is also estimated that for every woman who seeks help, tenfold suffer in silence.

Vaginismus - Diagnosis

Vaginismus - Preparing for surgery

Vaginismus - Post-surgery care

Vaginismus - Other Information

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