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Switch Ward Type

Request to Switch Ward Type from a Private to Subsidised Ward (For Inpatients)

When can I switch to a lower ward type?

How do I switch to a lower ward type?

Click here to fill out the form for means testing and approval.

Upon the approval of switching to a lower ward type, subsequent hospital charges will be computed at lower ward rate from the date of successful transfer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Means Testing?

Means testing is a way of determining if a person or household is eligible to receive some sort of benefit or payment. Means testing lets patients share limited class B2 and C wards in a fair manner, by targeting subsidies at lower-income group. To find out more about means testing by MOH, click here.

When is means testing required?

Means testing is required when there is a request to switch from a private ward type (A or B1 ward) to a lower subsidised ward type (B2 or C ward).

Why is means testing required when switching from private ward to a subsidised ward?

This is a standard practice at all public hospitals. Means testing will allow us to determine the eligibility for subsidies at B2 ward or C ward.

When will the pricing for the lower ward type take effect?

Pricing for the lower ward type will take effect once the patient has been successfully transferred to the lower ward type.

How do I know the status of my outpatient appointments after discharge?

The status of your outpatient appointments is related to the ward type of your inpatient admission upon discharge. B2 ward and C ward will fall under subsidised rates for outpatient treatment while A ward and B1 ward will fall under private rates.

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