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Child Life Therapy

As part of CHAMPs (Child Life, Art and Music Therapy Programmes), our Child Life therapists help to nurture and support children, teens and families during their stay in hospital. Their goal is to help reduce stress, anxiety and fear that patients may face during their medical experiences at the hospital. Specific intervention play techniques are used to address challenges that may arise from hospitalisation. These include teaching pediatric patients on:

  • coping strategies (with new diagnosis, with medical tests/procedures)
  • how to manage medicine taking
  • what to expect (with new diagnosis, medical procedures)

Child Life therapists help to explain and prepare the patients for upcoming procedures and are also on hand to provide distraction and diversions during difficult periods of time while hospitalised.

Please click here to learn more about Child Life Therapy.

Our Child Life therapists see children on a referral basis for the following reasons:

  • For chronic illness, long-term stay, emotional/social problems, for developmental stimulation.
  • To prepare children for procedures and surgery by helping them to understand the upcoming procedure at a developmentally appropriate level.
    • Click here to view a child friendly cartoon animation video which helps to explain the process of coming to the hospital for an operation
    • Click here for some Pre-Operation Activity Sheets to help children remember useful tips shared in the video.
  • To teach children coping strategies and relaxation techniques before and during painful procedures or for those who are experiencing chronic pain.
  • To provide stimulation and opportunities to normalise the hospital environment for young children coping with illness
  • To provide support groups for children with a similar diagnosis or emotional difficulties.

Our Child Life therapists also provide general play activities to give children an opportunity to do something familiar and to engage in during their time in the hospital.

These general play sessions are run by Child Life volunteers who will work with the patients either by their bedside or at the general ward play area in the subsidised wards.


Our Experts

Tanuja Nair
Head, CHAMPs (Child Life, Art and Music Therapy Programmes)
Senior Principal Child Life Therapist
Certified Child Life Specialist (CCLS)
Master of Counselling
Grad Cert (Special Education)
BSSc (Children & Family Studies)


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