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Medical Social Work

Contact Information
Level 1, Women's Tower (Inside Patient Education Centre)
65 6394 1029
   65 6394 1028
Fax: 65 6394 2414

At the Medical Social Work Department, we believe in providing holistic care for women and children by empowering our patients and their families to actualise their full potential. Our Medical Social Workers (MSW) extend this philosophy through their multi-faceted roles as counsellors, facilitators, advocators, mediators, case managers, educators and researchers.

Our Range of Services

We provide the following services for our patients and their families

  • Counselling
    • Patients with emotional, relationship and marital problems
    • Patients who are anxious over their illness/treatment (e.g. cancer treatment)
    • Patients who require support to cope with various losses such as loss of physical health, loss of body parts, etc.
    • Patients who are dealing with pregnancy loss or miscarriages
    • Patients who are considering termination of pregnancy
    • Parents who have difficulty managing their child’s behaviour and other parenting issues
    • Parents who require psychosocial support with regard to their child’s chronic illness or acute illness

  • Crisis Intervention
    • Risk assessment and safety planning of trauma cases such as sexual assault, spousal violence, child abuse, self-harm and attempted suicide

  • Psychosocial risk assessment
    • Psychosocial risk assessment and safety planning of reported NAI (Non-Accidental Injuries) and possible neglect

  • Financial Assistance
    • Financial assessment of needy patients who require monetary assistance for their medical expenses in KKH
    • Assessment and referrals to organisations, Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs), Family Service Centre (FSCs) and Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) for various financial and psychosocial support

  • Collaboration with community partners
    • Collaboration with MSF, FSCs, Police and other relevant organizations to obtain community support for our patients and their families

  • Therapy Service Family and Parenting Therapy Clinic (FPTC)

    Service Description
    Family/Couple Therapy
    (First Consultation)

    Family/Couple Therapy
    (Follow-up Consultation)
    * Fees are exclusive of GST and subject to revision without prior notice

    • Only patients referred by KKH medical specialists will be accepted for this clinic
    • Non-subsidised rates apply if patient is seeing the referring KKH medical specialist under private class

  • Support groups/programmes
    • Coffee Afternoon Support Groups [Parents whose neonates were previously warded in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)]

  • How to obtain a referral to a Medical Social Worker?
    • If you or your child is seeing a KKH doctor, you may request a referral from your doctor to the Medical Social Worker (MSW) for assistance
    • After referral is made by the doctor, our staff will contact you to arrange an appointment to meet up with our MSW.
    • For rescheduling of appointment, you may either use the HealthBuddy or Health Hub app or contact us via the following:
      Telephone: +65 6394 1029 / +65 6394 1028
      Email address:
    • Our operating hours are Mondays to Fridays, 8.30am to 5.55pm (excluding Public Holidays).


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