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Think about what you drink

Limit alcohol consumption

Moderation is key! Either do not drink alcohol or only consume alcohol not more than one standard alcoholic drink a day, which is a can of beer (330ml), half a glass (100ml) of wine or 1 nip (30ml) of spirit.


Alcohol contains a lot of calories. One gram of alcohol provides 7 calories. If you drink alcohol regularly, do not be surprised if you start having a classic beer belly.

  • 1 can (330 ml) of beer — 142kcal
  • Half glass (100ml) of wine (height of glass = 15cm) — 68kcal
  • 1 nip (30ml) of hard liquor — 61kcal

Generally, the average daily recommended caloric intake for a woman is 1800 calories (1) but could vary for each individual based on her age, weight and activity level etc.

Excessive alcohol intake is harmful. It can lead to obesity and is associated with the following health risks such as cancer of the mouth, throat and oesophagus; liver diseases (such as hardening of liver); brain damage and memory loss [2].

Take Charge

I want to drink less alcohol. How can I do that?

  • To quench your thirst, drink some water first.
  • Finish your drink before topping up your glass.
  • Alternate alcoholic drinks with water or non-alcoholic drinks.
  • Keep a few alcohol-free days each week.
  • Avoid eating salty snacks – they can make you thirsty and encourage you to drink more.

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