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SPaRK is coming!

What is SPaRK?

Start your Pregnancy Right at KKH (SPaRK) is an application developed in HealthBuddy to enhance patients’ experience in KKH by allocating them to the correct first antenatal visit clinic. In KKH, we have been running many specialised clinics to cater to our patients with various risk levels and needs in pregnancy. SPaRK consists of an easy-to-answer questionnaire tackling prospective patients’ past medical and obstetric history to determine their risks in pregnancy. The algorithm that we have developed will help to triage patients and assign them to the clinic best suited to them on their first visit.

Who is SPaRK for?

SPaRK is for any woman who wants to book a first antenatal visit in KKH. It will be rolled out at polyclinics to aid in giving these women the correct appointment for their needs. SPaRK can be used both by women keen on subsidised and private care.

Why do we need SPaRK?

This new algorithm will help to reduce unnecessary clinic visits and guide the patient to be seen by the correct specialist with the appropriate seniority. This leads to more appropriate care for the patient, and appropriate counselling and treatment can be initiated as soon as required. The application will also calculate the timeliness of such consultation, such that patients do not come too early in the pregnancy and will also not lose out by attending too late.

When will SPaRK be launched?

SPaRK will be launched on 4 May 2022.

How can I find out more?

You can download the HealthBuddy application on Google Play Store or Apple App Store and look for SPaRK under Pregnancy and Baby Care, Obstetrician ‘Perfect Match’.