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Request for Medical Report

Q1. Who can request for a medical report?

  • Patient who will provide written consent for release of medical information.
  • If patient is under 21 years of age, the caregiver (parent/ legal guardian) will provide the written consent on behalf.
  • If patient is deceased, immediate next-of-kin, authorised legal representative and/or appointed Deputy/Donee/Administrator of Estate may apply with relevant supporting documents. Please contact Medical Reports Unit for more details.
  • Interested third parties (e.g. insurance companies) may apply with patient’s written consent.

Q2. How do I submit my request?

• By Online (e-Services)
  1. Patients/parents may login with SingPass to to submit request.
    Parent will need to add their child under Children's Health before submitting application for patient.
  2. Payment to be made online via eNETS Credit using international (Visa/ MasterCard/ AMEX) Credit/Debit Cards.

• By Email

  1. Please provide written consent by completing the Consent for Release of Medical Information Form to make the request. All sections in the form must be fully completed and duly signed.
  2. Please provide these documents:
    a. Patient’s and Caregiver’s identification documents (i.e. Copy of NRIC (front & back view), Passport or Birth Certificate) as proof of relationship.
    b. Any relevant supporting documents.
    c. For insurance purposes, please enclose the insurance form with the authorisation section of the form fully completed and duly signed.
  3. Scan and email the consent form and/or relevant documents to
  4. We will register your request and send you an SMS notification to advise further payment instructions.

Q3. How is the requested medical information delivered to me?

Completed request will be sent to your mailing address (as provided in Consent for Release of Medical Information Form) by registered mail.

Q4. Why do I need to pay for a medical report/completion of insurance form/copies of medical records?

The regular consultation and hospitalization fees paid do not include cost for a medical report as not every patient requires one. A fee has to be levied for this additional service of providing medical reports to cover the hospital’s administrative costs and the doctor’s professional inputs. This is a standard practice across all Public Healthcare Institutions.

Description Fee Payable in SGD¹ (Includes govt. taxes)
Ordinary Medical Report/Completion of Insurance Form
Provides the relevant facts about the medical condition and treatment/ medication the patient is receiving. Report can be in the form of a written report or completion of insurance questionnaire.
Specialist Medical Report
Written by specialists in response to requests that require a specific opinion or prognosis from the specialist based on the medical facts of the case.
Ordinary Medical Report (Psychiatric)
As above. For completion by Psychological Medicine (Mental Wellness Service) only.
Specialist Medical Report (Psychiatric)
As above. For completion by Psychological Medicine (Mental Wellness Service) only.
Laboratory Results / Investigation Reports / Discharge Summary / Day Surgery Form / Referral letter / Duplicate Medical Certificate$10.70
Doctor's Memo
For brief information usually related to one specific outpatient visit
Echocardiogram Report$19.26 per report
Health Booklet$21.40

¹ The rates apply to Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents only and correct as at 1 January 2021.

Please be informed of the following cancellation charges should you decide to cancel your request:

  • SGD$46.37 for Ordinary Medical Report
  • SGD$96.30 for Specialist Medical Report
  • SGD$86.67 for Ordinary Medical Report (Psychiatric)
  • SGD$160.00 for Specialist Medical Report (Psychiatric)

Q5. How soon can I obtain the requested medical information?

As a general guide, the charges and time frame for completion of medical reports and duplicate copies of medical records are indicated below.

Description Service Standards
Medical Report / Completion of Insurance Form4 to 6 weeks
Duplicate Copies of Medical Records
Laboratory Test Results / Investigation Reports / Inpatient Discharge Summary / Day Surgery Admission Authorisation Form / Referral Letter / Duplicate Medical Certificate / Echocardiogram Report / Health Booklet
1 to 2 weeks

However, your request may take longer to complete if:

  • Patient has upcoming/frequent clinic appointments
  • Patient has been admitted to the ward
  • Patient has multiple reports requested from several clinical departments
  • Doctor is away on leave  

Q6. How can I contact Medical Report Unit?

For further enquiries, please contact us at: