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Request for Medical Report

Q1. How do I submit my request?

• By Online (For yourself or child)
  1. Login with SingPass to HealthBuddy App or
  2. Payment to be made online via Credit or Debit Cards.

• By Email (For Corporate Entities or Government Agencies)

  1. Complete the Application Form here and attached copies of identification documents (NRIC or Birth Certificate) to
  2. Insurance Form, if applicable, to
  3. Follow payment instruction on SMS notification which you will receive in 3 working days.

Q2. How is the requested medical information delivered to me?

Registered mail to the address provided in the Application Form.

Q3. How much do I need to pay?

Description Fees (Inclusive of 7% GST) applicable before 1 Jan 2023 Fees (Inclusive of 8% GST) with effect from 1 Jan 2023
Ordinary Medical Report/Completion of Insurance Form
Provides the relevant facts about the medical condition and treatment/ medication the patient is receiving. Report can be in the form of a written report or completion of insurance questionnaire.
Specialist Medical Report
Provides a specific opinion or prognosis by the specialist based on the medical facts of the case.
Ordinary Medical Report (Psychiatric)
For completion by Psychological Medicine (Mental Wellness Service) only.
Specialist Medical Report (Psychiatric)
For completion by Psychological Medicine (Mental Wellness Service) only.
Laboratory Results / Investigation Reports / Discharge Summary / Day Surgery Form$10.70 per service
$12.00 per service
Doctor's Memo
Brief information to state patient's diagnosis and applies to outpatient visit only
Echocardiogram Report$19.26 per copy
$19.44 per copy
Health Booklet$21.40$21.60

* Rates apply to Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents only .
Rates are subject to changes without prior notice.

No cancellation will be allowed once the application has been processed.

Q4. How soon can I obtain the requested medical information?

Calculated from the date of request received and successful payment.

Description Service Standards
Medical Report / Completion of Insurance Form4 to 6 weeks
Duplicate Copies of Medical Records
Laboratory Test Results / Investigation Reports / Inpatient Discharge Summary / Day Surgery Admission Authorisation Form / Echocardiogram Report / Health Booklet
1 to 2 weeks

However, your request may take longer to complete if:

  • Patient has upcoming/frequent clinic appointments or has been warded
  • Patient has multiple reports requested from several clinical departments
  • Doctor-in-charge is away  

Q5. How can I contact Medical Report Unit?

KKH – Enquiry on Application for Medical Report

  • Tel: +65 6394 1209 - Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.00pm (excluding Public Holidays)
  • Scan QR for Enquiry on Application for Medical Report