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KK Gynaecological Cancer Centre

The mission of the KK Gynaecological Cancer Centre (GCC) is to provide an excellent, efficient and compassionate service to our patients through better care made possible with the highest ethical standards and professionalism.

KK GCC has been very active over the past decade in advancing the care of our cancer patients. We are one of the main referral centres in Singapore to offer minimally invasive surgery for the management of endometrial, cervical and ovarian cancers. In fact, KK GCC was the first in Singapore to perform the Wertheim’s radical hysterectomy via laparoscopy in 2009 for patients with cervical cancers. In addition, we also performed the first radical abdominal trachelectomy for young women with early stage cervical cancer who wish to retain fertility. In 2011, we have also started offering robot assisted minimally invasive surgery for our cancer patients.

KK GCC is also very active in cancer research and has participated in many international multicentre cancer trials concerning chemotherapy for ovarian and endometrial cancers. For cervical cancer prevention, KK GCC was the only centre in Singapore and Asia to participate in the HPV Vaccine Trial - FUTURE II Study. This is a worldwide trial on a vaccine to protect women against the human papilloma virus (HPV), which causes cervical cancer.

Cancer of the Cervix

In its earliest stages, cervical cancers are highly curable. Early detection is therefore the key to improving survival.

Here at KKH, our five-year survival rate for Cervix cancer (Year 2009 - 2013) is:

Stage Percentage
Stage 1a98.1%
Stage 1b82.9%
Stage 2a72.1%
Stage 2b63.5%
Stage 360.9%
Stage 418.2%

Cancer of the Uterus

Cancer of the uterus is the third commonest cancer of the female genital tract in Singapore. It usually affects the endometrium (lining of the uterus). If treated early, the cure rate is very good.

Here at KKH, our five-year survival rate for Uterus cancer (Year 2009 - 2013) is:

Stage Percentage
Stage 196.5%
Stage 294.7%
Stage 370.7%
Stage 425.1%

Ovarian Cancer

Epithelia cell cancers of the ovary are more common than germ cell cancers. Names of different types of epithelia ovarian cancers include mucinous or serous cystadenocarcinoma, clear cell carcinoma and endometrioid carcinoma of the ovary.

For very early stage disease and non-aggressive types, further treatment may not be required. For the more advanced and aggressive types of cancers, often chemotherapy is the treatment of choice.

Here at KKH, our five-year survival rate for ovarian cancer (Year 2009 - 2013) is:

Stage Percentage
Stage 194.2%
Stage 268.5%
Stage 341.6%
Stage 437.7%