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KK IVF Centre

IVF Success Rate

KKIVF Centre is a leading infertility centre in South-East Asia, offering a comprehensive range of diagnostic and treatment procedures for infertility-related services.

The KKIVF centre has:

  • Performed more than 1500 fresh cycles and more than 900 frozen cycles in 2011
  • Achieved a consistently good clinical pregnancy rate per fresh embryo transfer of about 35% in the past few years
  • Achieved clinical pregnancy rate per frozen embryo transfer of 30%

In 2001, KKIVF achieved the 1st Laser Assisted Hatching pregnancy in Singapore, which resulted in a live birth in May 2002.

KKIVF has been collaborating with the Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnostic (PGD) Centre in Singapore since Nov 2008 to provide PGD-IVF programme. It has achieved a good pregnancy rate of 41.7%. Its first PGD-IVF livebirth was in 2009. KKIVF has also achieved its first PGD-IVF livebirth in August 2012 from a patient whose frozen embryos were thawed and biopsied.

KKIVF has also done an in-vitro maturation of oocytes retrieved from an ovarian tissue from a patient with ovarian cancer. Two embryos were subsequently transferred which resulted in a pregnancy. The patient successfully delivered in May 2012.

Improvements in clinical techniques, embryo culture techniques and embryo selection have also led to a rise in success rates & a reduction in the risks of multiple pregnancies.

KKIVF encourages suitable patients to transfer two or fewer embryos to reduce the incidence of multiple births. In the past years when three embryos were replaced in most cases, the centre’s pregnancy rate for triplets was 3%. With more patients having two embryos replaced, the triplet rate was 0% in 2010.

KKIVF also offers single blastocyst transfer for suitable patients. So far, we have achieved a high pregnancy rate of 43% for this group of patients.

Fresh & Thaw Assisted Reproductive Technique (ART) Cycle Workload

ART Fresh Cycle80613721443154611631385
ART Thaw Cycle451555729907613557