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Minimally Invasive Gynaecological Surgery

The Minimally Invasive Surgery Unit (MIS Unit) provides endoscopic services, elective laparoscopic and hysteroscopic services to the majority of patients with benign gynaecological conditions. The KK MIS Unit has the largest laparoscopic workload in Singapore and is responsible for the endoscopic training and accreditation of O&G doctors.

With a dedicated team of laparoscopic surgeons providing on call service every day, we have managed to achieve a 96% - 99% proportion of handling ectopic pregnancy (a life threatening gynaecological emergency) by laparoscopic keyhole surgery. This has translated to a faster recovery and less pain for all our patients.

Range of services

  • Tertiary level referral centre and consultation services to intra and inter-hospital referrals from local and overseas clinicians
  • 24-hours Laparoscopic Surgeon on call service to provide for Endoscopic Emergencies
  • Diagnostic Laparoscopic & Hysteroscopic Procedures
  • Therapeutic Laparoscopic & Hysteroscopic Procedures
  • One-Stop MIS Centre providing outpatient suites and counseling
  • Research, development and evaluation of advanced MIS techniques and instrumentation
  • Training and Accreditation of Laparoscopic & Hysteroscopic Procedures for O&G doctors and Nurses
  • MIS Unit Fellowship Programme for gynaecologists seeking to advance their laparoscopic and hysteroscopic skills
  • Robotic Surgery for both benign gynecology and oncology procedures.

Percentage of Ectopic Pregnancy Surgeries:

20082417 (3%)234 (97%)
20092706 (2.2%)264 (97.8%)
20102696 (2.2%)290 (97.8%)
20112964 (1.4%)292 (98.6%)
20122683 (1.1%)265 (98.9%)
20133075 (1.6%)302 (98.4%)