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Senior Management

Prof Alex Sia, Chief Executive Officer

Clin Assoc Prof Chan Yoke Hwee, Chairman, Medical Board

Mr Alson Goh, Chief Operating Officer

Ms Grace Lim, Chief Financial Officer

Ms Kik Shian Yin, Chief Human Resource Officer

Clin Assoc Prof Ng Kee Chong, Chief Risk Officer

Ms Wong Sook Thow, Chief Nurse

Mr Melvin Tan Ewe Kin, Chief Communications Officer

Mr Lee Choon Keat, Chief Information Officer

Clin Assoc Prof Eileen Lew, Chairman, Division of Clinical Support Services

Clin Assoc Prof Thoon Koh Cheng, Chairman, Division of Medicine

Prof Tan Hak Koon, Chairman, Division of Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Clin Assoc Prof Kevin Lim, Chairman, Division of Surgery

Clin Assoc Prof Raymond Goy, Campus Director, Education Office

Adj Assoc Prof Terrence Thomas, Chief Medical Informatics Officer

Prof Jerry Chan Kok Yen, Research Director, KK Research Centre

Dr Jasper Tong, Director, Allied Health

Ms Irene Chan, Director, Office of Patient Experience

Mr Michael Ng, Director, Operational Support Services

Ms Pang Nguk Lan, Director, Quality, Safety & Risk Management

Ms Nooraini Bte Jaffar, Director, Speciality & Ambulatory Services

Ms Sally Oh, Director, Patient Support Services

Mr Michael Choo, Director, Office of Strategy Management