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Milestones and Achievements

The story of KK Women's and Children's Hospital is the story of maternity and baby care in Singapore.


  • Mission I’mPossible 2 (MIP2) is launched by PAP Community Foundation, KKH and Lien Foundation. MIP2 is a pilot programme that demonstrates how education, healthcare, and social services can be integrated and delivered within the community, to provide earlier identification and intervention for children with developmental needs.
  • KKH partners Lien Foundation and AMILI to launch Singapore’s first interventional study on women’s psychological well-being and metabolic health. The Healthy Early Life Moments in Singapore (HELMS) study looks into a new model of care that offers early intervention to improve mental and metabolic health in women even before they become pregnant.
  • The KKH Genetics Service celebrates 30 years of providing clinical care to patients with genetic disorders in Singapore.
  • KKH@Halifax, a new extension comprising two colonial buildings located minutes away from the hospital, is launched. Designated a conservation site, rich heritage elements were preserved alongside modern clinic facilities that house the new Psychological Medicine and Dermatology clinics.
  • The KKH Children's Emergency (CE) celebrates its 25th anniversary. Attending to babies and children up to 16 years old, CE sees more than 400 cases of illnesses, injuries and other emergencies daily – making it Singapore’s busiest emergency department.
  • KKH is certified a ChildKind hospital. KKH is the first hospital outside North Ameria to join 11 other renowned paediatric healthcare institutions to be recognised by ChildKind International for excellence in pain prevention and management in children.


  • A team of KKH clinicians and A*STAR report the first case of EIF6 gene mutation in a six-year-old boy. This novel phenotype is named PKB Syndrome, after Prof Phua Kong Boo, Emeritus Consultant with the Gastroenterology, Hepatology & Nutrition Service, who first identified the unique symptoms.
  • KKH and A*STAR identify the first known case of Jamuar Syndrome worldwide. The syndrome is named after Dr Saumya Jamuar, Senior Consultant with the hospital’s Genetics Service, who first encountered the disease in a pair of young siblings in 2015.
  • The Temasek Foundation Achieving Resilient and Inspiring Families (Project ARIF) is launched by KKH, Temasek Foundation and community partners. Project ARIF supports newly-wed couples in marriage and family life, maternal wellness and child development.
  • KKH offers COVID-19 vaccination to pregnant mothers and children aged 12 and above with chronic medical conditions seen at the hospital.
  • The Rare Disease Fund, managed by the KKH Health Fund (part of SingHealth Fund), receives a S$6.7 million pledge. Fund extends its support to patients with the rare Mucopolysaccharidosis type VI (MPS VI) disease.
  • The SingHealth Duke-NUS Maternal and Child Health Research Institute (MCHRI) is launched at KKH to transform and improve national health in Singapore and the region.
  • KKH embarks on an MOH-supported study to assess how children in Singapore respond to COVID-19 vaccinations. The data gathered will help inform public health vaccination policy to protect children against COVID-19.


  • KKH implements its disease outbreak response plan for COVID-19. KKH admits its first paediatric COVID-19 patient in February; first pregnant COVID-19 patient in March. Both patients were discharged after recovery.
  • To stem the spread of COVID-19 in the community, staff volunteer and form mobile medical teams to provide basic medical care at migrant worker dormitories and community care facilities in Singapore.
  • The KKH Laboratory ramps up testing for COVID-19 at various facilities across Singapore.
  • KKH clinician innovators and partners develop SG-Inspire (SinGapore Invasive/non-invasive support for effective respiration), a cost-effective ventilator for patients requiring breathing support due to COVID-19 infection.