Wound and Scar Management Workshop 2019

Sat, 27 Jul 2019 | Join the workshop on wound assessment and care, burns and scar therapy and management.

Paediatric Dermatology Workshop 2019

Sat, 24 Aug 2019 | Join the workshop on topics including atopic dermatitis in children, common skin infections in children and more.

6th Respiratory Care Symposium 2019

Fri, 30 Aug 2019 | Join the symposium on advances in the management of critically-ill children and neonates.

10th KKH Scientific Meeting 2019

Fri, 11 Oct 2019 | The meeting will focus on the impact of medical advancements, precision medicine and personalised care on patient experience and care.


More than 2,300 children and parents helped under the Stay Prepared - Trauma Network for Children

Thurs, 4 Apr 2019 | Programmes launched under this network are building the capability of the community to deliver the appropriate support and intervention for children with trauma.

More than 600 premature and sick infants benefitted from Singapore's first Donor Human Milk Bank

Thurs, 8 Nov 2018 | Within a year of its launch, KKH has recruited more than 400 donors to donate their breast milk under the programme, exceeding the numbers envisaged.

Obesity: Parents would do well to monitor their kid's growth

Tues, 2 Oct 2018 | Associate Professor Fabian Yap, Head and Senior Consultant, Endocrinology Service, KKH, shares about his paper on childhood growth assessment and monitoring.

Helping mothers bond with their newborns

Mon, 1 Oct 2018 | A KKH pilot programme, SURE MUMS, is helping mothers forge emotional bonds with their newborns.


Rapid Genomic Sequencing For Critically-ill Children

At KKH, rapid genomic sequencing is accelerating genetic testing for critically-ill children suspected to have a genetic disorder - enabling timely clinical care and management, and providing families the opportunity to find answers.


KKH Hip Surveillance Programme For Children

Timely identification of children with long term neurological conditions who are at risk of hip displacement and dislocation is enabling early and close monitoring of their condition to prevent further progression, and plan for intervention.


The Way Forward for Endometrial Cancer

A novel mode of sentinel lymph node mapping at KKH is helping to reduce the risk of morbidities associated with pelvic lymphadenectomy.


Saving Lives, Changing Futures

The universal Lynch Syndrome Screening Programme at KKH is changing the lives of women with the inherited disorder and their families through early laboratory-based screening, counselling and long-term surveillance.

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Breast Cancer - Is it Preventable?


Early detection saves lives. Hear from Dr Lim Geok Hoon, Senior Consultant, KK Breast Department, KKH as she shares about the common symptoms of and treatment options for breast cancer.

12 February 2019

Endometriosis - Symptoms and Treatments


Dr Wei-Wei Wee-Stekly, Consultant, Minimally Invasive Surgery Unit, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, KKH, explains what is endometriosis, the common symptoms and treatment options for this condition.

26 November 2018

Tips on Building Resilience in Your Child


Dr Lois Teo, Head and Senior Principal Psychologist, Psychology Service, KKH shares tips to build resilience in children and recommended screen time for parents and children.

24 October 2018

How do you know when your child is having a fever?


Dr Jade Kua, Consultant, Department of Emergency Medicine, KKH gives advice on what you could do if your child has a fever, tips to care for your child and when or where to seek medical care.

24 October 2018

Improve Your Fertility


Adj Assoc Prof Tan Heng Hao, Head and Senior Consultant, Department of Reproductive Medicine and Director of KKIVF Centre, KKH touches on factors that may affect fertility, tips to optimise conceptions, and when to seek medical attention.

24 October 2018