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Allied Health Professionals

Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) play a vital role in seeing patients regain their independence and lead a fulfilling life in the community. As members of multi-disciplinary teams, our AHPs provide a range of diagnostic, therapeutic and direct patient care that are critical to other healthcare professionals they work with. From diagnosis to treatment and rehabilitation, they are empowered to make independent assessment and decisions on the care for our patients.

At KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital we offer different career progression tracks to cater to the differing aspirations, inclinations and strengths of individual AHPs. Specifically, our AHPs can choose to develop a clinical specialisation, undertake research, participate in education or move into management roles.

Career Tracks for AHPs

If you have an interest to be an Allied Health Professional, click here to join us for a fulfilling career at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

Our Allied Health Professionals

Audiologists provide care in the prevention, identification, diagnosis, and evidence-based treatment of hearing, balance, and other auditory disorders for people of all ages. They work with patients to minimise the negative impact of these disorders and achieve improved health outcomes and quality of life.