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Allergy Service


For more information on Allergy Service, please click here.


Allergy Fellowship


The Fellow is expected to be competent in managing patients presenting with Allergy

  1. Suspected food or drug allergies
  2. Severe allergic disease responding poorly to conventional medical therapy
  3. Perform food and drug challenges
  4. Understand and be able to interpret allergy tests

Course Contents

  1. Do inpatient and outpatient consults and clinics
  2. Attachment to the Respiratory and Allergy laboratory to learn about allergy testing
  3. Participate in challenge procedures


They will be expected to run consults in both inpatient and outpatient areas and present these cases to the supervising doctor. They will also run clinics together with supervising doctors. They will also be expected to participate in the teaching programme of the service.

For Whom

Paediatricians managing patients with allergic diseases.


All applicants must have a specialist degree in Paediatrics.


At least six months for hands-on experience. Doctors who come for less than 6 months will be given observer status only.

Training Dates/Period



Allergy Fellowship Training Certificate from KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital

Positions/Training Places

One to two fellowship training positions will be given for a given duration

Course Fee

Fees will be determined upon application.


Candidates should be self-funded or have funding from external sources/institutions.

Contact of Organiser/Institution

Head of Service
Allergy Service, Department of Paediatrics
Division of Medicine
KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital