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Finding a Cure

In our pursuit of eradicating diseases to save lives, advancing medicine and treatment is key. However, this can only be achieved from the discovery of new knowledge, through medical research. To do research is to unravel the complexities of disease into building blocks. This allows us to gain refreshing insights and specific answers. Research takes time. It can take years of discipline and perseverance to achieve a scientific breakthrough before translating these findings into drugs and therapies that directly benefit patients.

Medical Research in our local context
Our environment, population and lifestyles create a unique set of health challenges and priorities. Some conditions, such as dengue, nose cancer and myopia are more common here than in the West. Race and genetics can also affect how the body responds to medications, so treatments that work well in Caucasians may not be as effective among Asians. 
Our clinicians are always on the quest to find better ways to prevent and treat cancer, diabetes, and other serious illnesses Singaporeans battle every day.

The difference philanthropy makes in Medical Research is undeniable
Many of our clinicians are also researchers. They see the devastating impact that diseases have on patients and their families. But they also witness incredible strength, courage and compassion. A gift to fund medical research is a powerful thing. When researchers have philanthropic funding, it enables them to quicken the pace of discovery, by empowering them to bring clinical challenges into the laboratory to find new and more effective treatments.

Your support enables our researchers to ask the critical 'what if?' questions that could spark the next medical breakthrough that changes and saves lives. Most importantly, your support to medical research gives new hope to patients who previously had none.

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